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Mokum Events Amsterdam offers you the possibility to insure yourself or your group, and your event. In collaboration with ‘Europeesche Verzekeringen’ we can offer you the following two insurances:

Cancellation insurance:

This insurance covers the damage you’ll incur should you be forced to postpone or cancel a booked outing or event. The costs of this outing will indeed be invoiced to you. Not only will you miss the outing due to bad luck, but in addition, also suffer a financial loss! Our cancellation insurance often compensates you up to 100% of these costs. The premium to be paid amounts to 7% of the overall price for the entire event.

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Participants insurance:

We’d rather not think of it but the possibility always exists, something unpleasant might happen during an event.This can be a torn piece of clothing, but it can also be (more) serious! An accident with possible injury leading to work incapacity, a permanent handicap or even leading to death as a consequence.
As the ‘primary initiator’, you may be held liable for unfortunate events happening during the outing! You can, in order to minimise these (often heavy) financial consequences, enter into a participants insurance. The participants insurance covers the responsibility in the event of a physical bodily harm and property damage to people. The premium amounts to € 1,00 per person per day.

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