Who is the Rat? Game in Amsterdam

Price € 23,50 p.p. excl. VAT
Duration 3 hours
Quantity Minimal 10 persons

The Who is the Rat game by Mokum Events in Amsterdam will guarantee a thrilling and exciting afternoon in the old city center.

All of this is happening in very appropriate surroundings, the same place where thousands of real rats run around!

‘The Rat’ is very intelligent, smart and sociable. These are precisely the skills that are required during this game. It’s a a thrilling adventure! What is more exiting than being the secret saboteur?

In this blood-curdling trip, one of you is the rat! Various assignments will have to be completed during this game. As the appointed rat, you constantly make the game impossible for the others, using your intelligence and social skills to hinder, oppose and counteract. Nobody knows you are the Rat!

You’ll constantly disturb the game with your sneaky rat behaviour. It will be a great challenge for the group to expose you. Meanwhile you’ll turn their life into misery, a task you’ll attend to with the utmost satisfaction.



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