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Yab Yum Unlocked Quiz Amsterdam

Details about this event

Stag Party? Company outing? Fancy a cheerful quiz with friends in the Amsterdam city centre? If that's the case, join the Mokum Events' Yab Yum Unlocked Quiz.

We take all your companions to the beautiful 17th century building at the Singel where it all started.

The building has been transformed into a magnificent museum full of exhibits, movie presentations, merchandising and promotional items which really showcase this most exclusive former brothel in the city.

Of course you'll be given an extensive tour of the property which is presented together with fascinating storytelling from your tourguide. You'll visit the bar, caviar room and the ladies dressing rooms.

You can also take a look at the display case in which some bubbling champagnes are kept on ice. The club can actually be reopened at a moment's notice.

After this introduction, it's time for a fun quiz. Our jolly quizmaster is kicking off immediately and will ask you all kinds of special questions about this famous erotic club. Presented in a beautifully decorated room, the quiz will be a great experience, even if you didn't learn much during your tour of the property. Gents will compete against the ladies for the much coveted Mokum Events Quiz Trophee!

Of course, we can also arrange for the quiz to be enjoyed in some other team division. Many questions about Yab Yum are put to you in a short space of time. Obviously, ladies with feathery scarves (or boa's), a smile and a pretty dress will always be favoured and will be given our quizmasters fullest attention.

  • Great venue at Yab Yum Unlocked
  • 'Club quiz' presented by our professional quizmaster
  • Guided tour Yab Yum Unlocked
  • Festive attire, completely in Yab Yum fashion
  • Ladies against Gents or any other team division you prefer
  • Fun questions about Yab Yum
  • Great award for the winning team!

You can book this fun quiz with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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