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Meeting with a View in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Choosing Mokum Events' Meeting with a View you get a spectacular view, revealing the skyline of the Amsterdam city centre.

Experience a unique business-meeting in the Amsterdam Centre Tower, next to the Central Station and high above the old Mokum. Enjoy the modern and relaxed atmosphere!

09.00 - 12.30 Morning meeting session

All spaces are non-smoking areas and fitted with air-conditioning. This building is easy to access by train and parking facilities are closeby.

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

An enjoyable lunch-buffet will be served in the restaurant. You'll enjoy the view on the old town centre while enjoying your lunch.

13.30 - 18.00 Game-event: Amsterdam Express

'Amsterdam Express' is based on the popular TV series 'Peking Express',in which some couples, by means of hitchhiking, try to find a way through a foreign part of the world.

Several teams, consisting of 5-8 persons, will go in search of adventure in the city centre, you'll not know where you end up. There is only one goal here: Try to reach the next check point, somewhere in the centre of town, as fast as possible and without spending any money. Your only help will be a couple of cryptic clues.

Along the way, "Mokum Events" employees will give you some assignments; a physical test or an ingenious puzzle. By completing the assignments properly you can also win better means of transportation and maybe reach the finish much faster!

Find the solutions, go to the next checkpoint as fast as you can and win the Amsterdam Express Award!

The timing mentioned on this page is only an indication.

You may choose from an unlimited number of activities, events and tours to complete the event: treasure hunts, workshops and much more. You can combine all your arrangements almost endlessly. Nothing is impossible!

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