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The Public Transport Scouting Expedition

Details about this event

Want to see as many city hotspots as possible? Mokum Events will guide you straight through scenic Amsterdam during the always adventurous Amsterdam PT (public transport) Scouting Expedition.

During this competition, different teams will play against one another. Besides visiting several other locations, we'll guide each team to the Anne Frank House, the Vondelparc and the Museum district, the famous hotspots of the city. At each location several assignments are waiting for you. Special questions about monuments, buildings and much more.

Does your team have the most extensive general knowledge about Amsterdam? If so, we guarantee you'll win the wonderful Mokum Events Scouting Award!

During this scouting expedition, you are allowed to use public transport. Amsterdam is known for its elaborate network of trams and busses which will take you instantly to the most beautiful hotspots of the city. You'll have to find your own way. Are you ready? Join us now for the Amsterdam Public Transport Scouting Expedition!

  • Professional supervision
  • 2-hours PT (Public Transport) ticket
  • Award for the winning team
  • A drink for each of you
  • Can be booked on a day and time you prefer!

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number! It's also possible to combine this event with a quality lunch or a nice diner afterwards. Please inform about all possibilities!

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