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Strip Dinner in Amsterdam

Details about this event
strip dinner

Looking for a unique bachelor party, or just want to entertain some friends in a very special way? Come to the Strip Dinner in Amsterdam, by Mokum Events.

Is it somebody's birthday and do you want to surprise him or her with a spectacular show?

With Mokum Events it´s all possible, including naked people! After a lavish 3-course dinner in Amsterdam a fresh babe or dude will lift your spirits doing a naughty striptease! One that´s, let´s say; `genetically very well off´!

Nakedness, it must be said, is not bad at all! Even more so if you want to blow off some steam after this cosy and culinary 3-course meal. It will lead to some sparkling entertainment and very red cheeks!

After dinner a gorgeous ´babe´ or ´hunk´ will enter the room and from now on, staring at the ceiling is not an option anymore! Your day will be concluded gracefully with a seductive slipshod!

Perfectly suited for a bachelor bash, a cosy party or for those ladies and gents who are doubting there sexual preference or, to put it differently, those who are hormonally imbalanced.

After dinner relaxation without clothes, it will prevent crumpy faces and will certainly get your party started!

  • Seductive babe or hunk (male or female)
  • Lavish 3-course dinner
  • Located Amsterdam city centre
  • Hormonal activation! (free of charge)
  • Can be booked on any day at any time!

Reservation for smaller groups:

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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