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On stage in the Amsterdam City Theatre

Details about this event

Looking for a unique business event in the Amsterdam City Theatre? It's all possible at Mokum Events. This outing includes a theatre workshop and a behind the scenes tour of the City Theatre. Who wouldn't like such an experience?

The two-hour workshop is presented by two professionals: actor Bas and theatre producer Jette.

Get acquainted with these enthusiastic professionals, who both have great passion for their profession and get you comfy immediately!

Inspired by the works and writings of great playwrights, you'll create scenes at different locations in the City Theatre. Watch your colleagues shine in a staged theatre scene and experience your 'moment of fame' together or completely on your own!

After you've performed a scene, you'll be joining a half hour guided tour around the City Theatre. You'll be acquainted with the history of the City Theatre, the Royal Foyer, the Great room, backstage and the Ajax platform. But you'll be also walking along the modern Rabozaal and the dressing rooms of famous Dutch actors and actresses.

This corporate or business event is really a unique experience; it simultaneously promotes team building and improves group dynamics. But a bit of leisurely pleasure is our most important ambition for this special event!


Complete this business event and arrange for a cosy happy hour at Café Cox. It's THE vintage artist's café. It's also possible to arrange for lunch or dinner at the theatre restaurant Stanislavski for € 32,50 p.p. and/or to arrange for a theatre show at the Amsterdam city theatre.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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