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Singing Ship in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Mokum Events invites you to join us on the Singing Ship in Amsterdam for a very special boat cruise through the wonderful canals of Amsterdam.

You will be welcomed by the 'Chef and his wife', a somewhat peculiar but very spontanious musical duo.

They will keep you entertained during the evening, performing the most fantastic Dutch songs. Actually, there is much more to it; you will also keep yourself busy. The idea is that you will all join in and sing along!

The Chef and his wife will set the pace and join you in their own way, but you do most of the singing! Whether you perform as a singing bird or sing like you do in the shower; on this vessel everybody sings, this ship cannot be sunk musically!

Experience genuine Dutch singalongs like 'Hij was maar een clown', 'Daar in dat kleine café aan de haven', 'Aan de voet van de mooie Wester', 'Huilen is voor jou te laat', 'Zij gelooft in mij', 'De glimlach van een kind', 'Oerend Hard', 'Ketelbinkie', 'De Zuiderzeeballade en Oh Johnny...'

  • Entertainment
  • Boat rental
  • Service on board
  • Snacks
  • Beer, soft drinks, wine, coffee and tea (Unlimited)

Do you want to organise your own specific Canal Cruise? You can hire our boats individually, including the captain. Nothing is impossible! All you have to do is contact us and hear about all our special options.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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