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Quad Rally Adventure in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Jumping with four spinning wheels through the air and landing in a big puddle of mud? Is that your cup of tea?? Experience the Mokum Events Quad Rally Adventure in the green surroundings of Spaarnwoude near Amsterdam. Professionally supervised Quad racing, NOTHING can go wrong!


Oh yeah! Dredging through the mud, driving full throttle through the corners and downhill with four wheels of the ground ... And also enjoying your natural surroundings of course ...

Be free! Go completely insane driving a Mokum Events Quad. Finally, experience how it really feels to succesfully conquer almost every terrain obstacle with these power vehicles.

Naturally we take it slow at first; you'll have to do a couple of practise runs to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. When you mastered the basics, you are allowed to fully open up the throttle.

We have a couple of 350 cc Quads with automatic gearboxes standing by for you, so you don't have to use any gear and can fully concentrate on the Spaarnwoude trail in front of you. Don't underestimate the power of these extreme machines: it's the real thing ... !!

  • Experienced instructor(s)
  • A wonderful muddy terrain
  • Quads, helmets, gloves, everything else to keep you safe
  • Can be booked on any day and time you prefer!

Clothing advise:

Driving a quad is a very active and energetic exercise. Always bring along some well fitting clothes which can be smooched and which are up for the challenge. Also, take into account the weather forecast so you can dress accordingly. If possible, bring a second set of clothes with you. Important also are some sturdy shoes with some ankle protection.

The minimum age for this event is 16.

Also important!

Three drivers will share a quad. Every five or ten minutes there will be a driver change so you can have a short break from all the excitement.


- Quad driving for kids!
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- Quad-Beer trial

You can book this fun event with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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