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Jordan Party in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Do you want to meet a real fun loving 'Jordan' (Amsterdam) family? Now you can, in the Jordan Party from Mokum Events.

Meet 'Nelis' and 'Leentje'. They will welcome you on to their Mokum Paradise and serve you music and dinner! Enjoy!

The two of them will welcome you at the quay of the Amstel, where their houseboat used to be located. Used to be? The couple will not take you to a houseboat but to their pure Mokum Paradise. Along the way, Leentje will do most of the talking and it will seem as though you have known this family for many years already.

When you arrive at the cosy establishment, Leentje will already have poured out a pikketanussie, a lemon with sugar or something else for you. In the meantime, Nelis has already grabbed his accordion and will play pure Mokum songs.

Dinner and Quiz:

Dinner will be accompanied by music played by Nelis on his accordion and the golden throats of Leentje and Ciske. Both naturally with their unmistakable Mokum tone! You will receive the lyrics and happily sing along.

You can also join in on the polonaise and waltz of the Mokum melodies that will be sung by this 'ordinary' family. Watch, the dance floor? it will be full!

Join in a real 'Jordaan' quiz. It will be a welcome rest for your throat and soul. Everybody has a chance to win the legendary first prize? Keep guessing, we won't tell you yet what this prize will be?it is a surprise!

By now, it will be about time for a real tearjerker choir; you as our guest, will play a main role in it. Well-known songs from big Mokum singers will be sung, together with you, in a frivolous way! Don't be shy, show your talent!

After dessert you may choose to go home or you can go on with our DJ. We will continue singing and dancing until late in the night and play many hits: from the seventies, eighties and nineties. Well, you never get tired...

  • Jordaan entertainment
  • Extensive 3-course dinner
  • Location


You don't want to reach for your wallet each and every time you want a drink? For an extra € 8,95 per person per hour (exclusive of VAT) you can avail yourself of our drinking offer, meaning that can have as many beers, soft drinks, house wines, coffee and tea as you want. And... in this way, you will not be unpleasantly surprised later on!

You don't have the required minimum number of participants? If you are prepared to pay for the required number, you can book for a lesser number!

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