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Oops! themeparty in Amsterdam

Details about this event

What if a party you've been looking out for, seems to end before it even started? You fix it! It's up to you in the Oops! themeparty of Mokum Events in Amsterdam.

Enjoy a delious buffet and unlimited drinks from the Dutch bar for four hours.

Imagine yourself going to a (business) party.......long preparation, lot of money spend, lovely invitations etc..etc.. the appropriate time the doors are closed and everything is pitch dark! Nobody in the vicinity, except for a single woman. She's just cleaning the floor, where's the party?. There you are, with your entire group of friends! Your entire evening is !@#$%^...!

The lady cleaning the floor is Aunt Jokie. Together with her cousin Sjonnie they'll clear their schedule to improvise a kickass party! But she needs your help. When she's warming up the coffee, getting the pastry out of the fridge, you are clearing the mess and you'll decorate the entire establishment together....

You'll play cosy old Dutch games or join a cocktail shaking workshop. Aunt Joke cooks some nice snacks together with all the friends, family and neighbours she brought in, while you are enjoying a crash course in tearjerkers and record all the results on a CD.

During Aunt Jokes' lushes dinner, which she has put together with all kinds of leftovers, there'll be a lot of special and interactive Mokum entertainment. Having eaten the dessert, the party explodes into 'the Seventies Disco excitement' and the entire establishment will shake the earth!

  • Warm welcome with coffee and cake
  • Old Dutch games
  • Drinks from the Dutch Bar (Unlimited)
  • Cocktail shaking workshop
  • Accordion player
  • DJ
  • Photographer
  • Lavish 3 course buffet
  • Luxurious snacks

The price of this event depends on the number of guests, the location and the choice in food & beverages. Please contact our colleagues for a tailor-made offer!

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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