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Guided Tour Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions
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Guided Tour Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Join the Mokum Events Guided Tour at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum: you'll visit the fully renovated museum together with our professional tourguide. Mokum Events shows you this completely renovated cultural palace in a fascinating way.

You'll walk for one and a half hour through the city with in the back of your mind, all the artwork that's on display in the Rijksmuseum. City guide and historian Jan Tervoort knows how to link the art hanging on the walls in the museum to everyday Amsterdam city life, he'll captivate you with his inspired storytelling.

Discover all works created by Dutch masters which are now on display in the newly renovated exhibition halls of the Rijksmuseum. From Rembrandt to Vermeer and beyond, all paintings have been given a new spot.

View the works made by Jan Toorop, Breitner and many other artists who have made their mark in the Dutch art world.

You can visit the museum at your own pace. The entrance tickets and the book written by Jan Tervoort will be presented by the author himself.

  • Cultural and artistic city tour together with Jan Tervoort
  • Tickets for the Rijksmuseum

Entrance fee reduction?

Do you have a Museum Card? Please inform us when booking this event!

The Rijksmuseum is open until 17.00 hours.

You can book this guided tour with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

Does ‘Mokum Events’ only speak and guide the events in Dutch, or are other languages also available?
Our guides speak several languages, so almost all trips, excursions, guided tours and arrangements can also be followed in various languages.
Our group is smaller than the minimum number of participants, can I still join the event?
Yes, you can. However, since we commit ourselves for a minimum number of participants, we request you to pay this minimum rate. Please, contact us in advance!
Where in Amsterdam do the arrangements start?
Many trips start in the vicinity of the Amsterdam Central Railway Station (CS), but this depends completely on the chosen arrangement. Our employees will advise you in advance about the right point of departure.
Is my requested date available?
Through our systems, we can immediately check if your requested arrangement is available on the planned date. If so, we’ll advise you to make a reservation as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointments.
At what time can I start the event?
You can specify this entirely according to you wishes! This will however partly depend on the chosen arrangement, but in principle the events start whenever you want them to start!
an we also join guided tours or workshops made by other groups?
No, unfortunately you can not. “Mokum Events” organises trips and arrangements exclusively for groups, completely tailored to specific desires. It’s for that reason other persons can’t join arrangements made by other groups of people.
Do the trips also take place in bad weather?
Definitely! If it rains, we also go into town! We can arrange rain ponchos and umbrellas if necessary and can stay in the pub a bit longer. Amsterdam is also beautiful if the weather is not soo nice, you can take our word for it!
How will we go from place “a” to place “b”?
Our guides will take you from one point to the other (unless you only have to cover for example 100 meters). You will always receive an itinerary so you will know where you have to go.
Are company trips and arrangements tax-deductible?
In general, all costs of a company trip are tax-deductible. However, only if these costs are reasonable according to the tax authorities. The treasury also states that 75% of all employees must be able to join the event. These 75% may however also consist of a certain part or division of the company.
Can you send us a brochure or price list?
Mokum Events does not use brochures or price lists. We love to involve you in designing the ideal arrangement. Custom-made trips, remember? That’s why we can’t quote fixed rates. After all, everything depends on your wishes and ideas! Our offer is a personal offer, based on all your choices.
When do we have to pay our custom-made trip or event?
We will send you an invoice in advance, which has to be paid in full, not later than 14 days after you have received the invoice at the latest.

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