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Fencing Workshop in Amsterdam

Details about this event

En garde! You can all learn to be a knight, at the Fencing Workshop from Mokum Events in Amsterdam.

Come on: knock down all the chairs and expensive furniture, climb the stairs effortless, while you keep the scoundrels at a distance with brilliant moves and escape with the princess!

Fencing is an art that requires respect and skill that you can't learn in a second. Let's first focus on simply moving your feet.

We will take you to a real fencing room in the middle of the old Jordan" area, where you will be introduced, under the supervision of our instructor (a multiple Dutch Champion), to the principles of professional fencing.

Fencing started ages ago as part of the education for nobles. Nowadays. it is an exclusive and competitive sport, extremely safe and quite fast.

Speed, strategy and control builds your body and mind.


- Welcome with a cup of coffee or tea
- Explanation of fencing from past until present
- Various practice exercises
- Fencing match

You may rather elope with a Sir than with a Lady: fencing is suitable for both sexes?

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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