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Etiquette workshop with a Butler in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Want to know the proper rules of engagements at the dinner table? Join Mokum Events' Etiquette Workshop in Amsterdam. Going to the toilet or bathroom in an orderly fashion? Want to acquire some new table manners? Our butler will teach you!

How to set the table? How to greet people and deal with them gracefully? This and much more topics are covered during this outing.

Etiquette boosts your self-confidence, improves your social skills and teaches you how to deal with relationships the right way. It's an advantage to master the basics of etiquette, both for business and private life. And most of all, it's fun too!

This event will be hosted by a posh and neat tailored butler in white cloves and chique attire. This guy has worked for several impressive people. Consider the one and only Her Royal Highness Princess Margret of The Netherlands, not too shabby no?

Our butler's years of experience and endless enthusiasm doesn't only make the Etiquette Workshop a great learning experience, it also makes it a fun- and cosy business- or family get-together with friends or colleagues.

You'll be welcomed on-site in the appropriate butler fashion. During this course, several etiquette topics and 'how to's' will be examined, topics such as making people's acquaintance, the proper table manners, conversational skills , business etiquette and courtesy.

Also, you yourself will be put to work, examining and practising your own etiquette skills. Together with stories about our butler's own failures and successes, this course turns out to be a very cool get-together indeed. After this workshop you'll not only be a perfect table quest, you'll also receive a unique etiquette-certificate!

  • Very experienced butler
  • Fee for renting the venue
  • Can be booked on a day and time you prefer!
  • You can book this workshop with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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