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Escape Room in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Escape The Room, the international hit of the moment. It is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves solving puzzles and for those who do not run away for a little excitement. Teambuilding 'under pressure'. We transport you to a completely different environment and to the glorious past.

A hundred years ago in this small theme park in London committed a gruesome murder. Your only goal is to be a real Sherlock Holmes to unmask the killer and escape from the Escape Room. Which one of you perform under pressure?
The game will be played in teams. Each team will search for the identity of the murderer and of course you play against the clock. The Escape Room takes about an hour and then you can take a break in the Escape lounge with a cup of tea. After the game there will be a group photo in stylish clothes.

The Escape Room is the most fun with friends, colleagues or family. Discover which of you may think the fastest. Escaping is difficult .... but possible.

  • Beautiful decor, miniature theme park 'London' around 1900
  • Play against the clock
  • Cup of tea in the Escape Lounge
  • The picture in stylish clothes
  • The picture in stylish clothes - Can be booked by your preferred day and time

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