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Create Your Own T-Shirt in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Did you ever want to own a tailor-made design T-shirt? You will after the Create Your Own T-Shirt workshop from Mokum Events in Amsterdam.

Great to show off to but how do you get it? At Mokum Events we do like our workshops to be exclusive, so this T-shirt can't be obtained in the average retails hop!

All right, because we can very well imagine that everybody wants to walk around in a vintage Mokum Events T-shirt, we created this special workshop, designing your own T-shirt!

Of course this workshop will take place under professional supervision. After our special welcome you can create every T-shirt in whatever colour or size you want. You'll get busy with sketching, designing, cutting, pasting etc.. And all in line with your own idea's!

Get busy and create your own special T-shirt! Ok, so you won't print our logo, big deal! We don't mind..really...

Everything is possible! Want to design something special, please inquire about all possibilities!

  • T-shirt of your choice
  • Professional supervision
  • Workshop material and tools
  • Location in the heart of Amsterdam

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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