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Christmas Delights in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Details about this event

Mokum Events invites you to experience the Christmas atmosphere and party mood, in the 'Christmas Delights in the Red Light District of Amsterdam' tour.

You'll probably comment; 'this part of the city is in the party mood every month.' That's true, but we can make it even more special...

When the Red Light District is immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, and beautiful decorations and cozy Christmas lights shine everywhere, every Christmas tree seems a bit bigger than initially expected.

On this special Christmas occasion, we take you to the Red Light District, where an experienced Mokum Events 'Santa' tells you everything about the three P's of the Red Light District: Prostitutes, Pimps and blushing Pedestrians.

We walk along the brightly lit and decorated 'windows', and along a number of famous and infamous brothels and establishments. You'll hear the juiciest stories and walk along (don't drop your jaw yet) the 'Bananabar' and the Erotic Museum. Even the lights in your eyes will sparkle!

Along the way, we take a moment to visit a genuine Mokum pub in the Red Light District, where we can relax and enjoy a cup of delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream. At the end of this Christmas tour we'll all take a seat under the Christmas tree and drink a glass of delicious mulled wine.

  • Professional guide (born and raised in the city)
  • Hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine
  • Can be booked on any day and time!


Always wanted to be your true self... ehh... wanted to see yourself behind one of those window? Mokum Events offers you the opportunity right then and there! Experience a professional photoshoot, you behind the window for only € 27.50 incl. VAT! Wearing a Christmas hat of course! Inform about this fun arrangement at the Mokum Events office.

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