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Children Artis Zoo Expedition in Amsterdam

Details about this event

This Children Artis Zoo Expedition from Mokum Events in Amsterdam is for every child who loves naughty apes, trunk swinging elephants and lazy lion's.

It's a fun expedition for children in which they see all the animals and answer some knowledgeable questions.

A little bit of horror in the crocodile mansion and walking to the swinging apes! Visit the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam during your birthday or just chilling with your boyfriends and girlfriends, see all the animals during this fun searchexpedition in Amsterdam!

This event will make your walk in the Zoo a real challenge! You have to answer all kinds of questions about animals you just have seen, and be careful to put the right answer to the right animal!

The expedition has a cosy ending. When you finished your puzzle we will all go for a drink and present the main Award to the 'smartass' who knows the animals inside out. And after this we all are having fun in the playground, imitating the funny dangling apes!

For children from the age of 9.

  • Entrance fee Artis Zoo
  • Professional supervision
  • Drink
  • Bite to eat
  • Great Award

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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