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Bubble Soccer in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Bubble Soccer is the same as normal soccer, divided in two teams. Each team player has a plastic ball around his body. The goalkeeper ‘bubbled’ against the goalposts and the crossbar, the striker ‘bubbled’ the defender down and no one has an injury afterwards!

Bubble Soccer was invented by a creative spirit that wanted to see 12 balls bounce on the pitch! The more balls the more fun it is, he must have thought. Good idea, actually.

Our professional Bubble specialist you will first explain the various techniques and rules of Bubble Soccer. Then the game can go … bubbly!

For a sociable stag party or a group event with friends, Bubble Soccer is the bouncing sensation of the moment. Also consider all other surprising city games for new fresh ideas for your unique day out!

  • Professional guidance
  • Plastic Bubbles
  • Rent playing field
  • Can be booked by your preferred day and time

Booking for smaller groups:

You do not have the minimum number of participants for this game program? If you are willing to pay for the minimum number of participants, you can book for less persons!

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