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Meeting amongst the Animals in Amsterdam

Details about this event

The Artis 'King's Hall' (Koningszaal) offers a great atmosphere for a unique businessmeeting, in Meeting amongst the Animals in Amsterdam by Mokum Events.

This hall is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, at the Plantage Middenlaan, on the grounds of the oldest zoo of the Netherlands: the Artis Zoo.

You can get there by car, public transport or round-trip boat.

09.00 -12.30 Meeting

As a meeting place, The King's Hall offers a fantastic ambiance for businessmeetings. There is a large fixed stage and one enjoys a beautiful view of the zoo from the high windows. The King's Hall has been a company hall used by former members of the Society of Artis. It's also the place where the Association of Nature Reserve was founded in the early 1900.

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

Mokum Events offers you an extensive lunch.

14.00 - 17.00 Artis Hunt

After lunch you'll join a 'relaxing hunt' across the Zoo grounds. You'll be divided in small groups and sent off to complete various assignments, finding answers to special questions. All these assignments and questions are naturally animal-related and you should be able to solve these as you pass the animal cages.

Try to score better than your competitors. Your knowledge about the animals of the Artis Zoo and their habits will come in very handy. Solve the puzzles and try to find out everything about the special, funny, strange, and scary but always interesting inhabitants of Artis Zoo.

Of course, we will give you something sweet that you can eat/drink along the way.

The timing mentioned on this page is only an indication.

You may choose from an unlimited number of activities, events and tours to complete your event: treasure hunts, workshops and much more. You can combine all your arrangements almost endlessly. Nothing is impossible!

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