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The Amsterdam Super Soccer Quiz

Details about this event

At Mokum Events, we arrange for the most formidable group events for soccer fans from all over the world. It's called the 'Amsterdam Super Soccer Quiz'. This quiz offers you just a bit more in comparison to a regular (dull and tedious) soccer quiz. We added some fun and exciting parts to this quiz, which will account for the necessary hilarity and charming ambience. The party will take place in a cosy Amsterdam pub right here in the city centre.

In teams you'll compete against each other. Are you fully up-to-date about the latest soccer statistics and especially those of the past? Which soccer player is also known as 'The Flee'? And do you know who failed at the penalty pitch during the semi finals of the European Championships?

Various video and audio clips will be included during the quiz. Of course we can completely customize the level of difficulty to your liking.

To raise your spirits even higher, we thought of some other extra special quiz rounds for you. One of your teammates will have to describe some of his favourite players in a Gary Lineker type of fashion. You'll probably not stop giggling after that one.

Also, bring out your best singing voice for some famous soccer anthems, we require everyone not to hold back in any way. Walk on.....walk on.....with hope in your heart......!!! Finally, a special part of this quiz can't be excluded; our special 'cap on cap of game' certainly is a fitting end to this part of the show.

During the final, team members from the best performing team will play individually against each other for the world famous Mokum Events 'Super Soccer Cup'. Who might be the true soccer expert among you?

  • Sparkling quizmaster
  • Sound & movie clips
  • Orange accessories (hey, we're Dutch)
  • Great award for the winner(s)
  • Can be booked on any day and time you prefer!


Naturally, this fun quiz can be combined perfectly with a lavish lunch before or an extended dinner after. You can also mix it up with other events.

You can book this fun quiz with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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