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Breakdance Workshop in Amsterdam

Details about this event

Want to twirl and spin on your head, doing a cool 'kick-out' and exercise several 'freezes'? Join the Mokum Events' Breakdance Workshop in Amsterdam.

It spins your head and lets your arms and legs swing to every direction, it will completely lift you up from any gravity whatsoever!

You will be educated for one and a half hour in the noble art of breakdancing, a 'craze' which cannot be ignored since the eighties.

Meet the lean and sharp dressed Scott Everduim, a 23-year old who is crazy about his favourite hobby for several years now, breakdancing till he drops. He entered many national and international battles and is by far the perfect guy to turn your friends into lean and mean 'breakies'.

After a short theoretical explanation about the origin of the dance, the lifestyle and breakdance culture, he will teach you all the cool moves. The Indian Step, the Latin Rock, the Basic Toprock and the six-step, the Zulu and several spins. A workshop during which you have to keep yourself balanced!

Scott will show you all the corners of the room, twirling he'll level every contester! Enjoy this supercool quality workshop and remove the furniture immediately when you get back to home!

  • Workshop professional Breakdancer
  • Drinks in between
  • Can be booked on any day at any time!

Next to Dutch, this Mokum Events Workshop can also be presented in English.

You can book this arrangement with fewer participants than stated on this page, if you are willing to pay for the required number!

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